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December 2014

I'm happy to announce that all three of the Allan's Miscellany novellas I released this year are now also available in paperback editions. Follow the reporters of Allan's Miscellany as they attend a medieval tournament in bonnie Scotland (The Bride Prize), mock the infamous Wellington Statue whose enormous size and weight will surely bring about the end of the world (A Tangled Web), and marvel at the winged lions discovered in the ancient cities of Assyria (Devil's Return). Surely this all just goes to show that love finds these men in the most unusual places! :-)

If you can't get enough of Allan's Miscellany and would like to see more articles from the magazine, check out the new digital archive of Allan's: it provides you with comprehensive background material about the periodical as well as the men working for it, and - for the very first time ever!!! - the archive makes available a selection of articles online. (Look out for mentions of characters from my other novels!)

I am currently working on a new Roman romance (Roman as in "set in ancient Rome") (I blame Twitter for this!), which is due at my editor's at the end of January. I plan to publish it as a five-part serial in spring, with a complete digital and print edition following directly afterwards. Check out the blog for sneak previews of Marcus & Lia's story (and some digital art)!


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